Fun things to do in London with friends

The city of London is one of the cities that consistently entered in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The city is already very well known as a city that can naturally accompany the past and present, making the city interesting to be visited by those who like stories about the royal family and the latest technology lovers.

Unfortunately, London is also attached to expensive images. The capital of the United Kingdom (UK) has been recognized as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The cost of living in London includes being above the average of other major cities in Europe, which might make the budget traveler think twice about visiting the city.

Fun things to do in London with friends
Fun things to do in London with friends

But, even though London is known as one of the most expensive cities, there are always free things that you can find there. With a little trick, you can also enter paid places for free.

Do you know, what Fun things to do in London with friends

A friend is someone who is always by your side both sad and happy. It feels like going anywhere as long as with friends it will feel good. 

Friends are like more than friends and feel like your own brother. You can share and spend exciting activities together because you have a lot in common.

Well, for those of you who are now looking for references to what activities are fun if done with them, don’t need to be confused. Reporting from Lovepanky, you can do a number of things below.

1. Traveling away

Are you not bored if you do the same routine every day and in the same place? Try to try traveling occasionally.

No need to be confused about where to go, now there are many open trip services that you can rely on to travel without having to bother calculating the budget, transport, place to stay, and so on.

Look for one that fits your budget. With traveling together you will feel more relaxed and more familiar.

2. So volunteer together

Do good and help someone will feel more fun if done with friends.

Maybe you can try to be a volunteer teacher, big event committee, reforestation, and so on. This way you do something good and useful for others, right?

3. Photoshoot

Indeed, you usually always take pictures through mobile phones, but that is normal to do. Booking a photo studio also doesn’t hurt!

You can dress up beautifully and the photos can be better than just a photo on a cellphone. You can use the photo to be used as a memory in the old days.

4. Go camping

If you imagine camping, you will imagine all the chaos carrying a lot of luggage, making tents, cold, and so on. But try from the other side, you and your friends will certainly cooperate with each other in this difficult time. You can laugh together because you have never tried this experience.

5. See a concert together

As a pair of friends, surely you have many similarities in tastes like favorite musicians. Take the time to invite your best friend to watch together if the musician comes to your city. Your friendship is even more exciting, isn’t it?

There are many references to exciting things you can do with friends. The trick is just to do things that you like and do all of those things with pleasure. Surely what you do with friends will never disappoint, because every step, of course, there will always be laughter.

Here are some tips for getting into paid tourism objects for free, as well as various other random tips that might be useful while in London.

  • A number of popular churches such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are not free to be visited by tourists. But if you attend a service that is held every Sunday or on holidays such as Easter and Christmas, you can enter the church for free.
  • Visiting Buckingham Palace is not free. But you are permitted to see the changing procession of guards that are usually carried out between 11:30 and 12:15 (free of charge from April to end of July).
  • Tower Bridge is one of the popular landmarks in London. To get into the tower and walk across the glass bridge is indeed needed some money. Instead, you can see the moment when the bridge is opened and closed so that the river below can be passed by the ship for free.
  • Want to surround London guided by an experienced tour guide? You can contact various free walking tours. You can choose the most suitable tour for you, starting from the food tour, family tour, and others. Anyway, in theory, these tours are indeed free. But if you are satisfied while being guided by the guide, there is no harm in giving tips as sincerely as possible.
  • Frequently monitor London’s official tourism websites. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a number of exhibition schedules that are free of entry tickets. Anyway, by monitoring the official website, you can also get a schedule of various music festivals and art festivals that can be visited for free.

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