Sharing personal information on social media

The Importance of Maintaining Your Own Privacy on Social Media

The development of the internet today also participates in changing the way or pattern of communication for the public. Before social media developed rapidly, in the past most people only used telephone or SMS ( short message service ) to communicate.

However, nowadays with the presence of the internet, anyone can access and facilitate communication. The internet no longer knows the age of its users. Now people from all walks of life, both young and old, can use the internet, especially social media. Social media is currently growing in line with technological developments.

Sharing personal information on social media
Sharing personal information on social media

Among other things, namely Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, and others. The presence of the internet, especially social media that is used as the newest means of communication not only has a positive impact. There are also negative impacts that need to be avoided and watch out for netizens or warganet.

The results of this survey state that as many as 64 percents are young people, of the 2,000 respondents who took the survey. While the second rank is occupied by users aged 20-24 years with a percentage of 42 percent and the last place is occupied by ages 45-50 years.

From this study, it can be seen that internet users in Indonesia are dominated by teenagers. Reporting from detikinet, there are several things that must be avoided to be uploaded on social media for social media users, one of them as teenagers.

Personal information that can lead to identity theft

On social media sites, such as Facebook, there are biographies. Remind the child that he does not display all personal information, such as a full birth date, because it can invite identity theft. Also, remind your child not to post other personal data such as home addresses and telephone numbers.

Family information

Family problems should not be made public. Posting things like, “my father was fired from his job, what will happen to me later?” or “my mother often comes home late at night”, on social media, it is not right.

Discuss this with your child how important it is to protect the privacy of family members. If you need to make a rule “no one can post information about one family member without permission”.

Personal problems

Teenagers experience friendship problems and romance dramas are common. But it is not right if the problem is spread to social media, because the whole world can read it. Personal problems should not enter public spaces.

Photos with geotags

Teenagers like to take pictures with selfies/wifies using smartphones, and most of them do not realize that in the photos there is data about the location of the photos taken. Therefore, make sure your child disables the GPS tag option in camera settings before posting a private photo to the public.

At home alone

Announcing things like, “My parents will go this weekend” or “I am always alone at home every time I go home from school”, it is not safe. Don’t post info like this online. Don’t also post a personal plan about where the child will go and with whom because it can invite crime.

Inappropriate photos

There’s nothing wrong with posting photos on social media. But sometimes teenagers often post selfies that are not suitable for public consumption. For example, which contains elements of sexuality, or photos that describe them as engaging in inappropriate behavior.

These photos are sometimes posted just to attract attention, but unfortunately, they do not realize that this can damage their self-esteem in the future.

Rude comment

Associating in cyberspace is the same as in the real world, there are ethics that must be maintained. Remind children that social media is not a place for bullying or slandering others.

Use good words when commenting on other people’s posts, never post something that can hurt others. These things need to be avoided to be uploaded on social media. Moreover, adolescents do not yet have sufficient emotional control. Thus, parents also have a role to anticipate and supervise the use of social media for children.Sharing personal information on social media

Reasons for the Importance of Maintaining Privacy on Social Media

Protecting the Authority.

The first argument is that protecting our privacy on social media will also protect our authority in other people. I show you here, did you have the chance to see social media artist. ? well, how do you feel when you see the social media terrace filled with that person. Irritated is not.

Not just annoying, but you can also judge the person instantly. “basic social media artist” “people like looking for sensations” and other negative thoughts.

Well, so it will also take place with you if you do the same with it. then try to see some people who have not had the chance to upload anything on social media. It is like a quiet and quiet grave even though you understand.

You understand him often open his own account. he is someone who is intelligent because he does not want to be judged by someone other than what he gives, their authority remains well-built. So you should never be considered unattractive once more because of the frequency of spreading privacy on social media.

Protecting mystery

The second argument is that it can protect the totality of interesting characteristics which are mysterious. curiosity and mystery that some are not thick. Always clear, often a mysterious thing can be so valuable in the future. not today but in the future.

I demonstrated here like items that have not yet been launched but have made some people curious. the curiosity took place because of seeing a mysterious thing. not visible but heard bright and heard a lot but did not have time to see it. and once again one among human feelings certainly has curiosity,

Getting good effects and detrimental effects

The third argument is to protect privacy on our social media, it will also be at good risk and apart from bad things later. I demonstrated here. maybe what we give and say on social media becomes viral and harms others.

because there are many people who get the problem from what they give on social media.

Does not seem to be meaningless

The latest argument, there is a saying about “Sometimes what does not appear is not meaningless”. those words really do exist. not everything we witness is true, maybe it’s just an illusion for one specific need.

 But we must also respect the efforts of a group of people who want to be realized by many people. they have been difficult to get attention.

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