Things to do in cocoa beach florida for families

Things to do in cocoa beach Florida for families

Cocoa Beach does not have sparkling skyscrapers, no road jams, and no hustle and bustle. Here, pleasure comes from Mother Nature, which is good enough to bestow this area with soft, sub-tropical sea breezes; calming waves on a beautiful beach; laying turtles, and Technicolor sunrises and sunset.

The fun also comes from early pioneers and businessmen today, who have created interesting and unpleasant surprises and some beautiful and unusual old attractions (and yes, some of the world-famous ones) for all ages to enjoy.

Cocoa Beach is a place to relieve the pressures of modern life, to relax and enjoy the surprises of culture, history, technology and culinary.

You can take a cruise, see where modern pioneers fly to heaven (and experience some of the same flight sensations they do), peek into the galaxy, visit historic pioneer villages, wake up-close-and-personal with some animals that might not you’ve seen before, and teed off at some of the biggest golf clubs in Florida.

Explore Kennedy Space Center

On the barrier island just south of Cocoa Beach is the location of glorious exploration, as well as some touching human tragedies and warnings.

Here, the first American to orbit the earth and land on the moon shot into space. The Kennedy Space Center tells the story of man’s journey into space – step by step, personality for personality, and mission – impossible by mission-impossible.

This center not only offers us the opportunity to follow that path but also experiences some of the sights and sounds, movements and sensations experienced by these pioneers, on interactive attractions – and truly realistic.

Address: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, SR 405, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Journeys to Space Without Leaving Your Place in the Planetarium

At Eastern Florida State College, you can explore the outer boundaries of the universe that we inhabit without leaving your seat. This college has one of the best planetariums in the United States, with sophisticated equipment and fun for the family.

This facility actually has two extraordinary performances. The Star Theater has the first combined Digital & Mechanical Optics projection system in the world, and its view of the amazing night sky in Brevard County is very realistic, you will think you fly in it.

The planetarium show at the theater features a tour directly from the night sky. There are also laser shows with special effects that will make you want to stand up and cheer,

Address: 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, Florida

Travel Back in Time in Historic Cocoa Village

Many cities call themselves “historic.” But the Historic Cocoa Village, downtown of the city of Cocoa, really – was first built in the mid 19th century.

Now, besides being a shopping and entertainment area that maintains its historic atmosphere, this place is also a legitimate 21st-century tourist attraction.

Here, that’s how it is, it’s still like that. It is a colorful and historic old village made for walking, with a surprise behind every colorful door and window.

This is also a community of local traders and craftsmen surrounded by trees on the banks of the river. Eat, in many restaurants, truly gourmet, while others offer delicious food. If time permits,

Address: Historic Cocoa Village Association, 600 Florida Avenue, Suite 104, Cocoa, Florida

Look at Wild Things at Brevard Zoo

This amazing zoo is a great place for interactive education and learning, and just ordinary fun. In the “Paws On Play” section, you can meet various creatures that jump, creep, and crawl from various regions of the world.

In “Wild Florida,” you can come close-and-personal with all the animals around you on your Florida vacation. In the “African Expedition” section, you will find yourself in the “Black Continent,” and in “La Selva,” if you fly, crawl, or hang upside down from tree branches (like a double-edged sloth), you will find it in here.

In addition, the fantastic parts of Australasia are now reopened, even better than before, and there are various additional tours and attractions,

Address: 8225 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, Florida

Find Your Inner Surfer at Ron Jon Surf Shop

Do you know the “Ron Jon” stickers you’ve seen in old Volkswagen are worn every time you come to Florida for the last thirty years?

Well, this is where they come from – the biggest surfing shop in the world, their ancestors. If it’s related to surfing or water sports, and you can’t find it here, release your search. Ron Jon is a 52,000-square-meter water-sports item, and this shop is not only original but also a flagship of the 13-store chain now stretching to five states.

Needless to say, hanging around in this shop will make you eager to hit the water. If so, you’re in luck – because Ron Jon Watersports rental shop is right next door, and the waves are close.

Address: 4151 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Paddles with Manate on the Cocoa Beach Kayak Tour

Manatee in the wild

If you want to get up close and personal with Manate, “Sea of ​​Cows, Cocoa Beach Kayaking Florida” will take you to see this 2,000-pound creature on a guided kayak tour across the beautiful Thousand Islands or Indian River Lagoon.

You will find that creatures like cartoons and rounds this will swim directly to you, they are not afraid of humans. Besides manate, you might see bottlenose dolphins, colorful migratory birds, and other wildlife from the Central Florida Ecosystem.

If you’ve never kayak before, don’t worry; Cocoa Beach Kayaking will give you quick lessons before you start, and guides will always be with you (or in your skills) all the time. “I don’t need to carry any equipment.

Address: 5000 Tom Warriner Boulevard, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Take a Walk on the Ocean at the Cocoa Beach Pier

You can’t really say you’ve been to Cocoa Beach until you visit this legendary landmark. This is an honest, good, old-fashioned, wood-made wooden warehouse from history books.

Here, you can walk on water for around 800 yards. Along the way, you will pass funky restaurants, souvenir shops with unique items, and large local bands that appear outside.

There are also beach volleyball courts, and, in the waters around the dock, some of the best surfing spots (this area is called “East Coast Surfing Capital”) and fishing in the United States.

There are fishing equipment rentals and beach rentals for whatever the family might need. The sun rises above the spectacular ocean here, and the brilliant colors of the rainbow change almost every minute.

Address: 401 Meade Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Try the Latest Game Sweeping the US at Escape Cocoa Beach

The “Escape” game is the most popular new attraction in the country, and Cape Canaveral has one of the best. In the escape game, you and your family group or friends must work together to find clues that allow you to “escape” from various settings, and you must be able to make your escape in an hour or less. Escape Cocoa Beach has four fun adventures.

On “Jail Break,” well, that sounds like that. In “Rocket Science,” you are on a spaceship, and you have to find out what actually happened to 1960s scientists on this ship. You can participate in the ancient Hollywood “Noir” film set in “The Black Dahlia Mystery,” and on “2325 Tremont St.,” You are a detective in the Brink Big Robbery case.

The key is teamwork. You have to solve the problem with the rest of your party, use the instructions you gave to think outside the box, and then apply your solution. This is the latest passion that has swept the country, and it is a ton of fun.

Address: 5675 N. Atlantic Avenue, Unit 113/114, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cheat along the Local Water Channel

The Airboat Rides Twister, far inland at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, will accompany you along the Saint John River and Poinsett Lake.

You will have an intimate view of the ecosystem and hundreds of plant and animal species that most people only see from afar.

Your boat captain will slow down when he sees wildlife, so you can see it and take pictures. You will most likely see some American crocodiles, bald eagles, and creepers, and you can even see rare species such as wild pigs. Airboat Twister offers three different tours, but when it’s finished, you might not want to get off the boat.

Address: 8199 State Road 520, Cocoa, Florida

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